Affiliate Membership

We, the established practitioners and practices, must work together, and in support of each other, for the ultimate benefit of the practice of architecture and the island as a whole

Persons of Affiliated professions with a personal or professional interest in architecture. 

For only BDS$200 a year, Benefits include:​


  • Entry on BIA members directory; 

  • Practice Promotion; 

  • Discount CPD 

  • Email bulletins 

  • Free Information Sheets 

  • Discounted lectures and events 

  • BIA/ ACSSAC Project Management Certificate Courses

  • Responsive Recruitment Services 

  • Local Support 

  • Voting and Meeting 

  • Competitions 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • If you have any design related qualifications, work experience, or are studying Architecture or a related discipline, then you are encouraged to join us and be part of a professional association. 

Our Membership consists of a cross section of industry professionals including: 

. Registered Architects

. Architectural Assistants 

. Architectural Technologists & Technicians

. Architectural Students & Interns

. Landscape Architects

. Interior Designers

. Quantity Surveyors

. Project Managers

. Engineers

. Contractors

. Land Surveyors

. Product Suppliers