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Meet The Council

The BIA is operated by a Secretariat & governed by a Council of 8 members of which are elected & officially appointed during the annual general meeting by the body of membership. 7 of these seats consist of full member Architects & 1 seat consist of a member of any other class of membership. Each of these members is assigned a committee of which the individual resides over as the head of that committee. He or she then appoints any general member who is willing to volunteer to serve on any committee they are interested in. 

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Kevin Browne

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Neomie Tavernier


Vice President

Neil Hutchinson

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Floor Member No. 1

Raquel Thompson

Neomie Tavernier (BW).jpg

Imm. Past President

Neomie Tavernier

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Floor Member No. 2

Kerry Dragon


Honorary Secretary

Francine Cadogan

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Associate Observer

Lisa Clarke

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BIA Executive

Kurt Bourne

Contact the BIA Executive for all of your comments, queries and concerns. 

How can we help? 


Stacey Burgess

Contact the BIA Secretariat for all of your comments, queries and concerns. 

How can we help? 

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