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Architectural Services

What is an architect? 

A highly qualified professional who must have completed a minimum of eight years of study and practical training before becoming registered and able to practice as an architect. Architects practice in partnership or on their own. No job is too small for them. A preliminary discussion with respect to your project is usually free. 


The title Architect is protected by law and may only be used by a person registered with the Architects Registration Board. The Barbados Institute of Architects (BIA) is a self-governing organization. Membership for architects is not compulsory; however, all full members must be registered architects. Architects as professionals have a duty to exercise reasonable care and skill and BIA Members are also subject to the strict BIA Code of Professional Conduct. 

First time clients need to know what kind of service they can expect when they engage an architect for their project. The answer is a quality service – quality in terms of design, professional expertise, and overall value. 

Why use an architect? 

The architect as a skilled designer can contribute flair and imagination when investigating the feasibility of your requirements and in developing design solutions. He or she may find extra light and space, suggest a form of construction and materials particularly well suited to your project, and provide a stylish as well as a practical response to your needs. Architects are construction professionals with knowledge of the industry and its organization, working methods and standards. An architect can advise and guide you through the complex web of rules, regulations and contractual obligations connected with planning and building. 


For the client, real value is not just a matter of keeping within the budget and seeing that a project runs efficiently to completion; it is also about how well the building will function in use, its running costs, life expectancy and resale value. The architect can make a positive and often considerable contribution to a project in terms of its cost-effectiveness and ultimate overall value. 

Full Service 

Architects can provide a full service for building projects. This begins with investigating the feasibility of your requirements, developing design proposals and applying for statutory approvals. It may include for the handling of tenders for the building work, administering the 

building contract, and assisting you when the completed building is handed over by the contractor. 

Partial Service 

Although a full service has obvious benefits, the agreement can be as flexible as you wish. For example, you might decide to engage the architect, for certain stages of work, or to carry out specific activities such as preparing a planning application. 

Other Services 

Architects work with a broad palette of skills, and can provide or arrange other services connected with your project such as interior design, landscaping, or making measured surveys of a site or building which you are thinking of leasing or altering. 

Click below to find out more about architectural services and registered BIA Architects.

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