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Welcome to The Barbados Institute of Architects (BIA), the nation’s self-regulating body for architecture and the architectural profession. The institute was originally established on the 10th April 1968 as the “Barbados Society of Architects” and later altered to the current title on the 30th of May 1979. 

From then till now the BIA, in holding our members to a high professional standard, has served to define the urban landscape of Barbados in a manner that respects both its unique cultural traditions as well as its evolution towards a modernized spatial future.  

As private servants of the public’s interest, the BIA is concerned with impacting the present and future generation of architects in order to facilitate the continual framing of the Barbadian spatial dynamic with premium standards of integrity and professionalism.

"At this time it behooves the architects of the island to be seen and heard in working to shape the future of Barbados."

   - The BIA

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